this is the website of Thorsten Riemke-Gurzki. I grew up with hardware, CP/M, mailbox systems. I’m web addicted since 1991, frontend and backend developer and web technology evangelist. I’m working as fulltime professor for web technology, corporate portals & usability and researcher since 2008 in Stuttgart/Germany. Previously I worked as a freelance and employed consultant for various companies e.g. SAP Germany.

Topics: web technology, web engineering/software engineering, HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, React, React Native, Vue.js, Node.js, GO, Docker, MongoDB, MariaDB, micro services architectures, single page applications (SPA), web 3D/AR, AI for the web, internet of things & the web, content management, content & data wrangling

Today’s Temperature

Measured with Tinkerforge Modules and a Raspberry Pi 3, logged with RRDTool, wrangled with Python.

Outside temperature 24h

Outside temperature 7 days