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Visiting the Daimler User Experience UXLab Truck

Sometimes it would be nice to have a mobile UX lab with me. The car manufacturer Daimler has such a lab in a truck. Let’s have a look at and of course in it.

It’s a kind of “wow”. Standing in front of the UXLab truck operated by the car manufacturer Daimler is an experience. It’s like a wish come true for any UX and/or usability professional. The truck was a special guest at our university of applied science. An we had the chance for a closer look. Inside the truck there is a fully equipped usability lab for various testing scenarios. When parked the truck can be expanded and offers plenty of space inside. It allows even larger test setups with up to 14 persons.

The truck is divided in three areas. The lobby with a real moss wall invites to a chilled time with coffee from the bar. Ideal for relaxing for test participants. The big test room offers desks and several workplaces but also space for creative workshops. The walls allow the visulisation of ideas und transform the truck into a creative lab, if required. The light can be regulated electronically and be adapted to test scenarios. Cameras transmit the tests to a built-in seperate control room. By the way: Have I already mentioned that there is plenty of space in the UXLab truck? The truck is also equipped for eye tracking studies.

The UXLab truck is a great idea. In larger test scenarios the truck can roll to the test subjects instead of getting them to a test location.

riemkenet-daimler-ux-truck-3.jpg riemkenet-daimler-ux-truck-4.jpg

December 4, 2020
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