Name of the Responsible Person

Responsible person for privacy and data protection:

Thorsten Riemke-Gurzki Leypoldstr. 18 70599 Stuttgart E-Mail:


I value privacy and I don’t want to be tracked while using the web. For this reason I don’t use any analytic or tracking tools or third party resources on this website.

Data Processing

Only for the purpose of delivering the data upon your request to your browser, your ip adress and port is kept in memory temporarily for the required time of processing your requests. This is a technical requirement due to the underlying web technology. This site does not store any information permanently in logs and does not use any cookies.


This website is hosted in Germany and all data is stored in Germany.

Third party

I do not send any information to third parties.

Your Right to obtain Information, changing and deleting Personal Data

You have the right to obtain information, changing and deleting personal data and information in accordance with article 13 or 14 GDPR. If you want to get information on your stored personal data, correct or delete your data please contact the person mentioned above.